TEDx Sudan Conference Honors the Deanship of Student Affairs at the University

The TEDx Team Sudan group honored the Deanship of Student Affairs at Sudan University of Science and Technology for its cooperation and prominent role in the activities of the TEDx conference that was held in the Friendship Hall in Khartoum, which was attended by a large number of university students and owners of scientific projects, research and innovations, participating companies and those interested in the field.

Dr. Maha Fadul, Dean of Student Affairs, expressed her happiness to participate in the conference and to be honored. She said, “We believe in ideas, scientific visions, and valuable efforts produced by students, and we always strive with them to develop, help and support them to invest their energies to serve the country and its citizens.” Maha appreciated the roles played by youth and students in the success of all programs Scientific platforms and their positive impact on various levels, calling on everyone to stand behind them and support them, and she said “Sudan University is a beacon that spreads science, supports creativity and embraces all forms of culture and art, and it has leadership and precedence in that”.

Regarding the event sessions, a large number of Sudanese university students participated in various sessions, including singing and acting, as well as awareness lectures on self-development and personality building, exchange of experiences, and making positive change.